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Living Diversity collects work by the Columbia Pike Documentary Project, a team of photographers and interviewers who have captured the evolving life of the people and places that make up this historic corridor in Arlington, Virginia, immediately adjacent to the nation’s capital.


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Five gifted photographers – Dewy Tran, Lloyd Wolf, Paul Endo, Xang Mimi Ho, and Aleksandra Lagkueva – have collaborated to document the essence of the place they call home. Older, established ways of life are still in place along the Pike, flourishing alongside those of large numbers of citizens from every corner of the planet. Unlike in many parts of the world, or even in our own country, a stunningly diverse set of people live here in relative harmony.
The book depicts historical, artistic, demographic, and cultural trends in this unique community, trends that are mirrored, in one stage or another, in other areas of the nation. Visually, it offers an avenue for understanding the soul of this successful experiment in tolerance and diversity. An exploration, a celebration, a gritty and thought-provoking journey, the book is also a series of quietly expressed questions posed by each photographer. Their eyes, hearts, and minds were opened throughout this seven-year journey–they trust yours will be also.

Columbia Pike Documentary Project

The Columbia Pike Documentary Project is a multi-disciplinary history of Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA – one of America’s most-ethnically diverse communities. Paula Endo, Lloyd Wolf, Mimi Xang Ho, Duy Tran, Aleksandra Lagkueva, Lara Ajami, and other team members have been using photography and oral history to document life along the Pike. The project is sponsored by the Columbia Pike Partnership.

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