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The Columbia Pike Documentary Project’s newest book, The Road Ahead, is a collection of in-depth interviews and portraits accompanied by an extended portfolio of striking photographs depicting this extraordinarily diverse and rapidly-changing community.


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The Road Ahead focuses on profiles of young citizens of Arlington Virginia’s Columbia Pike corridor in their own words. They are the ones who are building and experiencing the community as it evolves. The subjects include African-American, Mongolian, Ethiopian, Punjabi-Sikh/Thai/Ecuadorian, Bolivian, El Salvadorian, Colombian, Bangladeshi, El Salvadorean, Anglo-Latina, Greek/Jewish/Anglo, Ukrainian, and Afghani young people. They are an energetic and thoughtful lot, with much hope but also pressing concerns facing them. Their words and experiences express much about our contemporary world, and specifically about the community.

You will hear both hope and concern, and the beautifully crafted and inspiring photographs document these faces and places. We trust you will learn something of value from them.

The team that worked on this new book operated collaboratively, each artist bringing their own vision and strength to the process. All the interviews were done by Sushmita Mazumdar and Lloyd Wolf. The powerful and historic photography was done by Dewey Tron, Lloyd Wolf, and Lara Ajami. The artful book design was crafted by long-time team member Xang Mimi Ho.

You will find much of interest in this third and newest volume illuminating the story of Arlington, Virginia’s historic Columbia Pike community.

Columbia Pike Documentary Project

The Columbia Pike Documentary Project is a multi-disciplinary history of Columbia Pike in Arlington, VA – one of America’s most-ethnically diverse communities. Paula Endo, Lloyd Wolf, Mimi Xang Ho, Duy Tran, Aleksandra Lagkueva, Lara Ajami, and other team members have been using photography and oral history to document life along the Pike. The project is sponsored by the Columbia Pike Partnership.

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